Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Post # 6 Interview questions

Research Question: What drives European Immigrants from first world countries come to the U.S.? What makes their countries a first world nation? How does it relate to the Global Economy?

Interview Questions: So tell me about Albania? How's it different from this Country? What changes did u have to get use to? I could barely recognize an accent, was it difficult to learn another language?

post #4 levines poem

I think the poem relates to almost everybody that has ever worked a single day in their life. I really loved the story that the poem came from. Jobs these days use that same tactic he spoke about to test future employees. They do it as a way of letting the worker know that they have full control of the situation and if you want this job you will do as they say or else you won't get it. They do this knowing that so many people need jobs so us as applicants and future employees are replaceable. Workers aren't treated with respect anymore. 

post #3

I was born in the Dominican Republic and I was raised there until I moved to New York City when i was 8 years old. When I lived in the Dominican Republic I never felt like i was part of the lower class. I use to think that's how everyone lived. My family over there never really spoke about what class they belonged to or that they wanted to improve their status. They mostly cared about getting an education. It was interesting the fact that woman were always taught to stay at home and take care of the family, but the woman in my family wanted no part of that. My mom had 4 brothers and 3 sisters and all of the sisters went to college and graduated. Only one of the brothers got a college degree, the rest were put to work at a very young age. The woman in my family were very driven to make something of themselves. The men always seemed to want to settle with what they had but yet the woman were always looking for ways to get ahead in life. They understood the fact that they were part of the lower class, though never they never spoke about it, you can tell by they're every move what they were trying to achieve. My mother was the first of 5 woman from my family that immigrated to the U.S. in search for a better life for her and her kids. None of the men from her generation have even attempted to leave towards the U.S. I look up to all the woman in my family who have accomplished things that many Dominican woman from their time can only dream of.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

post #2

The more people you know in my neighborhood the higher your status. It also matters how you know all these people. It could be because of the money you make or your personality. Many people would like to be able to keep to themselves but it's very hard due to the amount of gossip that's in my neighborhood. Since for the most part nobody in my neighborhood is rich, money does not equal higher status because if you had money you wouldn't be living there. And if you do make a lot of money people tend to always question the way you got it since there are so many drug dealers that live there. I don't really aspire for status because my main mission is to eventually leave this neighborhood. I love the people here and I've learned many things such as humility but sometimes it feels like I'm trapped. I feel like there's a certain limit to the amount of status you can gain. 

post #1

I work as a security guard on Wall ST. A normal day in my job can be interesting, but for the most part is very routine. I work 3 days a week and on saturdays I do doubles. Doubles are usually from 7am until 11pm and you would think that would be the most difficult work day but it's not. I actually enjoy the double because the building is empty and we could do whatever we want. During the week though it's a totally different atmosphere. The building is very busy and full of tenants that can be very rude. We're not allowed to send people upstairs if they don't have the right identification so whenever a tenant forgets their I.D. it can get very ugly. The building manager is very strict when it comes to security. In the morning shifts he walks around looking for mistakes. He has no problem firing someone on sight if he thinks they're not doing their job. You can't wear a jacket even if it's 20 degrees outside and you can't put your hands in your pocket. Changes I would make include a better hiring system. I feel like my company hires many questionable employees that shouldn't be working in that type of environment.